Five Travel Worries which we can tackle with Smart Home Security

The concept of Smart Homes is being adopted across the world. People are waking up to the increasing sense of possibilities that a smart home brings. Whether it is optimised electricity consumption or the convenience of operating smart devices, consumers understand the value that a smart home brings to them.

The Indian Smart Home market may be relatively nascent at this stage, with a projected size of only 4.2 million US dollars in 2019, but it is projected to grow at an annual rate of more than 40% between 2019 and 2023.

Amid the increasing optimism surrounding smart homes, one of the key benefits of a smart home that customers have not yet realised is the security that a smart home provides, especially when we are travelling. Haven’t made the connection yet? Well, let’s make it for you.

In one of our earlier articles, we mentioned how eGlu has invested a lot of time and effort towards ensuring that our home automation products are highly secure. Well, one of the big use-cases of investing in secure smart homes is that they can help their customers travel, away from their homes, stress-free.

This blog will give you five examples of travel worries that you can forget about with top-notch smart home security:

1. The Worry of Receiving Packages while you are Away from Home

In a world where e-commerce is ubiquitous, the likelihood of getting a package delivered while you are away travelling is very high. Imagine a delivery boy knocks at your door, and remotely, you can have your package kept in the place that you want. Not only is it convenient, but you will also maintain a high degree of safety, as uncollected packages lying around may give people ideas that are rather nefarious in nature. Thus, a secure smart home can allow you to convert this imagination to reality.

2. The Stress of Forgetting to Turn Off the Switches

A smart home can not only relieve the worry of collecting deliveries, but it can help you save electricity as well. Going on a long vacation with your family and forgetting to switch off the refrigerator or a fan is an innocuous thing that happens occasionally. However, it does cost you quite a significant expense in terms of the electricity bill.

With top-notch smart home security, such as the one from eGlu’s, you can get alerts if any switches in your house are left turned on by mistake. Not only can you avoid a truckload of stress, but you can also save on the electricity bill.

3. The Tension of Theft while You are Away

Robberies are an unfortunate yet inevitable part of living in a society. Smart homes with top-notch security can ensure you keep the robbers out of the house. Even if they do manage to get in, the system will ensure that the concerned authorities are notified and the robbers are tracked. You can even schedule the lights to turn on at periodic intervals to make it seem like people are at home.

4. The Anxiety of Inclement Weather

This one is simple. When you travel, there is always anxiety regarding bad weather – water seeping in through an open window, or the wind leading to broken objects. With a secure smart home system, however, you can ensure the relevant precautions are taken and close any open windows and doors remotely.

5. The Hassle of Asking your Neighbour to ‘Keep an Eye Out’

Finally, another hassle that comes with travelling is when you have to ask the neighbours to do you the favour of ‘keeping an eye’ on the house. With the security that you get from home automation, favours from neighbours, and their accompanying hassles are not needed.

As IoT devices become more and more ubiquitous, a question arises over the cybersecurity aspect of such devices. The coming Smart Homes revolution may make our lives more convenient and optimise our electricity usage, but the home security aspect of living will continue to be paramount.

Eight years ago, research done in England found that 80% of the robbers checked a person’s social media to see if they were home or not. If you are investing in a smart home, it should be paramount for you to ensure that you get a secure one. Such an effective home automation system adds greatly to home security and allows you to travel stress-free.

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